Listening Skills Swap Shop

March 3, 2009

Sharing by furiousgeorge81.Do you have skills or activities that help increase listening skills in your program or class participants?

The “Swap Shop” will be back at the 2009 International Listening Association Convention in Milwaukee, WI, later this month.  Jennie Gill Rosier is coordinating this latest iteration of the Swap Shop.  Please send a digital copy of your activity via e-mail to Jennie (jngill at purdue dot edu). Even if you are not attending the convention, send your ideas to share.

When submitting your activity, Jennie asks that you use this format:

  • Your name:
  • Your school or business affiliation:
  • Your e-mail address:
  • Type of Listening being addressed if applicable (discriminative, comprehensive, critical, relationship, or appreciative)
  • Objectives/Student Outcomes:
  • Procedure/Process/Details/Assessment:

We will post the exercises on the International Listening Association website after the convention. You can contribute even if you cannot attend the convention!




One comment

  1. Hi Barbara,

    I only came across this post now so I hope that the Swap Shop went well.

    Listening is a skill that we must practice over and over if we are to become good at it. When we listen, we need to listen ACTIVELY. I just posted an article on this point on my blog. It is aimed at public speakers, but the tips can be used in almost any situation where one has to listen. I hope you find it helpful.



    John Zimmer

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