Humorous Quotations About Listening, Part Three

March 9, 2008

As International Listening Awareness Month (sponsored by the International Listening Association) progresses, let’s take some time to enjoy several humorous quotations about listening. This posting is part three of a three-part series.

Congress is so strange. A man gets up to speak and says nothing, nobody listens and then everybody disagrees. — Will Rogers

Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. — Dorothy Sarnoff

Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen. — Homer Simpson

Isn’t it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists? — Kelvin Throop III

A good listener is a good talker with a sore throat. — Katharine Whitehorn

The true male has never yet walked
Who liked to listen when his mate talked. — Anna Wickhaur

My friend Bob is a radio DJ, and when he walks under a bridge, you can’t hear him talk. — Steven Wright

See parts one and two of this series.


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